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What's he doing now?

Robert just did a one-time-only

show: Hello, Dolly!

Not sure what his plans are for

a next project.






Date of birth (location)

31 January 1950
Hobart, Tasmania, Australia




Grew up in Glenorchy

Moved to Sydney in 1975



Current location

Melbourne, Australia




Robyn Silver (? – present)




Emerson (b.1983) and Hayden (b.1986)

Emerson (aka Em-Town) currently sings in a band called Soulphonic.

Hayden (aka Hayden James Weston) acts and produces with his own

production company, Dark Heart Productions, with a long-time friend.




2 black miniature poodles




Gardening, tennis, golf



Favorite music

Joe Cocker, Phil Collins



Fan of...

Hawthorn Hawks (AFL)




He wished he could write children’s books but hasn’t had time to do that yet.

He has narrated some audio books.



About Robert

10 July 1978. ‘Major Barbara has vigour and spirit’. 1978 NIDA graduates. Dir. Clark.
‘Among the best student performances I have seen [John Howard, Robert Grubb]’.

- Harry Kippax (.pdf-file!)


[He] is a charmingly normal person, generous and giving, with a blokey, self-deprecating

sense of humour. – Bushfire Blonde, a fan who met him.


"Harry Bright (Robert Grubb) is also good with the songs that he's been allocated, able to

hold long notes without even looking like he's about to collapse" - ABBAMAILer Kathy

Robinson Melbourne, Australia about Robert in Mamma Mia!


"He's an excellent stage-actor." - Lenore Smith in an interview October, 1993.




Around 1970 Robert played in a band called Proctor, in Hobart.

His father was a butcher and his mother a housewife. With them not being into

the filmbiz at all, Robert became an electrician for about 10 years, before deciding

he wanted to be an actor at 26. From then on he studied acting at

NIDA (National Institute of Dramatic Arts), to which he got accepted on Christmas Eve, 1976

and from where graduated in 1978. He then joined the South Australian Theatre. In 1979

Robert got nominated for an AFI award for best actor in a supporting role in My Brilliant Career.

In 2002 he got nominated for a Helpmann Award for Best Male Actor in a Musical for Mamma

Mia! And in 2004 he finally won a Helpmann Award for Best Male Actor in a Supporting Role in

a Musical (for his role as Pop in We Will Rock You). In 2000, he produced, directed and played in

Enoch Arden, a project he’d been thinking about doing for 7 years. This got him a

Green Room Award Nomination. In 2009 he got nominated for a Helpmann Award again for Best

Supporting Actor in a Musical for My Fair Lady. He still finds it rewarding to play. In between

all his performances Robert has found time to narrate 2 children's books and give an extensive

interview for a book about acting.




"There is not a lot of television film work at the moment in Australia, which I've come to

decide that's what I'm really interested in. I love the stage. I really enjoy working on

stage. I feel very confident on stage. But now I wanna do more film... tv..." - Robert in an        

interview, 1993


"I love to sing" - Robert in an interview,  1993


"It will probably take its time, but as time goes on I hope that the audience will see me as

Robert Grubb, and not as Dr Standish." - Robert in an interview by a Swedish magazine, 1992


                          (Well, don't you worry, Mr. Grubb. We do. )




- While filming The Flying Doctors, Robert was the only one who actually needed emergency

treatment. He twisted his knee, which came out of the joint and he needed surgery, when he

('Geoff') was running down a hillside with a stretcher to get to a man who was caught under a

car. (The episode in which this happened was "Billy and Pete")


- While filming The Flying Doctors, Robert never actually flew in a plane. It was too much of a

hassle and danger, not to mention expensive, to film up in the air.



Rumored Sightings (Not confirmed. Let me know if you have more info or a picture to proof it!)

- Robert was apparently seen, working at a service station for cars (name tag and all) at    

Courtney and Patterson, Heidelberg

"I was lucky enough to have Robert looking after me when I took my car to be serviced at Courtney and Patterson,

Heidelberg, last Thursday [June 8, 2006, ed.]. He was so nice and courteous and it occurred to me that actors are 

ideally suited to customer service. [...] [J]ust a car service department - nothing very exciting. He was soothing   

customers who were cross about the chaos due to works in the service department. I was quite surprised because

he was just walking around talking to customers with his name badge on. [...] It looked like he was just working

there between acting jobs to me. He was very good at looking after people though from what I saw." - Angela Hennel









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