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                 The stories of Snugglepot and Cuddlepie have been read and loved by Australian families from one

                   generation to the next and many Australian adults fondly recall reading the famous Gumnut Classics

                   during their own childhood. In this ABC dramatisation, all the delightful characters are brought to life

                   in the stories of the intrepid Gumnuts and their good friends, charming Mr Lizard and Little Ragged

                   Blossom, who encounter the terrifying Bad Banksia Men and the wicked Mrs Snake.
                   Cast: Don Barker, Ian Boyce, Ted Caddick, Roger Cardwell, John Couch, Hedley Cullen, Dulcie

                   Davenport, Sheryn Dee, John Dick, Judy Dick, John Edmund, Jo England, Patrick Frost, Peter Goerecke,

                   Judy Gordon, Robert Grubb, Lachlan Haig, Johnathan Leigh, Debbie Little, Peter Merrill, Anna Pitman,

                   Barry Pitman, Emma Salter, Henry Salter, Barbara West.



Flying Down Under is a compilation of travel experiences and reports from the writer about multiple trips to Australia. The main theme is the search for the 'feel of Australia'. The writer not only wrote her own impressions down, but also interviewed Dutch immigrants and spoke to several actors from The Flying Doctors, among which Robert Grubb. She also followed the real RFDS on the job. The stories are entertaining and informative at the same time. Flying Down Under is the perfect way to travel to the country of 'No Worries' without leaving your comfy chair.







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